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What is a Frozen Shoulder?

The weather may be freezing outside, but that doesn't mean you should have a frozen shoulder! It can be a strange thing to suddenly have shoulder pain without injury or reason for the pain. Without chiropractic therapy, this pain will stop you from moving your arms, which causes the shoulders to become stiff and to lose their range of motion. You may need to start asking others for help, reaching for things above your head or even directly in front of you. Brushing your teeth and dressing become a daily struggle. In time, the arm will have a loss of rotation, and everyday activities may become impossible.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

The underlying cause of frozen shoulder isn't really understood. However, the progression of the condition is clear. Frozen shoulder starts with an inflammation of the joint capsule of the shoulder joint. This shoulder joint holds the bones of the shoulder to each other with ligaments. The inflammation of the ligaments causes the shoulder pain, and overtime, prevents a range of motion in the shoulder joint. The shoulder becomes "frozen" and unable to move. Before a person's pain gets to this point, they would be wise to seek chiropractic therapy. Patients feel the greatest discomfort and pain when their range of motion is at 90 degrees. The pain is typically less when the range of motion is greater than 90 degrees.

Factors That May Cause Frozen Shoulder:

-Shoulder injury or surgery
-Men or women between the ages of 40 and 70 years of age
-Postmenopausal women
-Chronic diseases
-Cervical disk (neck) subluxations or disease
-Open heart surgery

A series of chiropractic therapy for the frozen shoulder will show improvements in the range of motion with each treatment, but it is generally a slow process. Early chiropractic therapy for frozen shoulder is the best way to prevent stiffness leading to a more severe case.

Chiropractic therapy offer patients a natural way to help the body heal itself. Patients suffering from frozen shoulder have said they can now brush their teeth and shampoo their hair again. Chiropractic therapy helps patients regain the gift of motion in their shoulders that many of us take for granted.

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